Here are some examples of some cool projects we’ve done over the journey that we are pretty proud of.



The traditional billboard will always have its place in the advertising space despite what Back To The Future may have told you. A straightforward process that allows for the message to be repeated into the passer-by’s memory every day as head off working, it is a cost effective way to get your message across. We can take care of the whole process for you from initial design, permits, engineering, construction and final installation.


The point where the job all comes together, our install team want to ensure that the final product is executed exactly how you wanted it. There is no point putting all the effort in throughout the process then falling over at the finishing line. Using our highly skilled team, they are there from the start working with the designers and production team to ensure that the product is made the right way and will look spiffo when up. We take care of all permits, utilities and OHS requirements for you as well. We also know that when there is a high job to be done, our Install Manager is more than happy to be the spotter on the ground!


When a vehicle drives by with an awesome wrap, it grabs your attention and we hope that some of ours have made you stop what you’re doing and go wow! We offer the full gamut here, from Heavy Vehicles, right down to jetskis and motorbikes. 

Given the size of some of the trucks we have wrapped it is no wonder that they have been converted into mobile billboards. Now, we are surprised that they haven’t caused any accidents (that we know of) given the sheer scale and effectiveness of them, but hey, we won some awards for them!


Design is a form of art. It can be interpreted in many different ways and what one person may love, the other strongly dislikes it. A logo which one person designs in WordArt may be better received than an extensive vector illustration that took many hours to create by a highly skilled designer. 

Thankfully, at Abacus we are stoked to have some awesome designers in our team that can take your idea and bring it to life whether you want it out of WordArt (hopefully not) or the vector illustration.

Our skill set isn’t just limited to this, with having a wide range of print & signage design skills we can provide you with 3D sectional drawings and even packaging assembly videos to help bring the creations to life.


Since it’s invention in the mid 1400’s print has come along way and yet stays true to its original self. Whilst it has evolved to include colour, photography, and at a much larger scale than was originally dreamt of, it is still a simple and effective way of duplicating information to the world.

It’s a pretty simple thing to describe. If you can imagine it, we can make it. Like what you see on your screen, we can make it come to life …we could go on and on as there isn’t much out there that we can’t do. Our team are passionate about print and love the way it combines information and imagery into the end product. We love a challenge and will always push the boundaries.

Smile and have fun – We all have to work, let’s make it an enjoyable time. Respect everyone and remember to smile and laugh, especially at yourself!


Give us a bell or fill in the form here and we’ll be in touch. We would love for you to come out and check out our factory as we do like to show it off!
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