When a vehicle drives by with an awesome wrap, it grabs your attention and we hope that some of ours have made you stop what you’re doing and go wow! We offer the full gamut here, from Heavy Vehicles, right down to jetskis and motorbikes. 

Given the size of some of the trucks we have wrapped it is no wonder that they have been converted into mobile billboards. Now, we are surprised that they haven’t caused any accidents (that we know of) given the sheer scale and effectiveness of them, but hey, we won some awards for them!
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You can get a full wrap done, which is a great way to promote your brand and or protect your car from those distracted reps on the road all day getting scrapes in car parks, a full wrap does as the name suggests, taking the car from top to tail and giving it a full makeover. At Abacus we only use the best materials on the market, guaranteeing your vehicle is protected for the life of the wrap and the film will not damage the duco.

Not all wraps need to be full as these examples show. When using the vehicles base colours, we can create a design that will still turn heads whilst not having to go to the length of the full wrap. It can be a great cost effective way to get your branding out there.

Using some fantastic colours and creative flair, decals can be used to place branding and information around the car in a simply and effective way allowing for you to get your fleet out there working for you.

You don’t have to do logos with stacks of colour change films available.  And not just limited to cars, we can wrap boats, bikes, caravans or even a water ski! There is a range of paint protection films (PPF) that can protect your shiny new toy whilst keeping the base colour on show for all to see. Come in and see our sample pieces where you can scratch the film with a wire brush, then watch as it disappears under heat. Perfect if you want to look after your pride and joy or stop the kids from scratching the doors every time they get in and out of the car.


  • Heavy Vehicle
  • Colour change
  • Marine
  • Paint Protective Film
  • Livery/Fleet
  • Decals


As you’ve already gathered, we aren’t your run of the mill signage company. We like to consider our clients and suppliers part of our team. When you come to us with a job, we will look at it and consider the options and work out the best outcome for the client.

Be authentic – No one likes a fake, and they can spot them. Be true to yourself and who you are.


Give us a bell or fill in the form here and we’ll be in touch. We would love for you to come out and check out our factory as we do like to show it off!
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